Round pegs, triangular holes

Have you ever suspected most training out there feels a bit like this? Nonsuch training recognises this and we prefer to adapt our training to suit your needs. Maybe you want a qualification or maybe not. Maybe you’ve got a day or two to learn or maybe you’ve only got a few hours. Whatever your […]

Responding to Covid

When you look at the many and varied responses by governments around the world with respect to the way they have handled the Covid pandemic, it seems to us that the common features to the more successful governments have been: Early decisive action initiated with courage Clear, consistent instructions to citizens Widespread compliance to the […]

Don’t be a Goat

Let’s face it, a toupee isn’t going to help when you carry the risk of a massive overbite. Design your controls to modify your risk profile, don’t just get something that makes you look good.

So why did the Audit Bot cross the road?

Because that is what you programmed it to do….. Now more than ever it is time to embrace these technologies to deliver a more intelligent level of assurance and depth of insight. Deploy your bots correctly and they will provide that peace of mind whilst your team can focus on what really matters. So let’s […]

Take the risk out of opportunity

Buzz Aldrin was 1.78m and 75kg. The suit he wore on the moon weighed 80kg. You don’t have to be big to take the risk out of opportunity, you just need to be well prepared and determined.

Are you heading in the right direction?

The new future will not wait for risk assurance of the past. Our environment has changed so we need to shift our focus to help organisations move forward. There are many challenges for us. We are now a distributed workforce, what opportunities exist for innovation? Do we have the agility to respond quickly to changing […]

Invest to mitigate risk

Ordinarily, people shouldn’t smack into your bumper when you’re parked. But living in New York City, it’s sensible to invest a little in a control to mitigate the risk and also take the opportunity to make some money while you’re at it.