Organisational Commitment

Strategic Realisation

Turning your mission, vision, and strategies into reality requires quality decision making to identify, qualify and prioritise investment in programmes and projects.

We offer a portfolio management solution that uses your strategic drivers to develop a Prioritised Enterprise Portfolio, i.e. selection of programmes and projects delivering change aligned to your strategies. No matter where you are at on this journey Nonsuch can work with Leadership Teams to provide assurance that well-crafted, well developed visions and strategies are executed successfully.

Benefits Management

Benefits (sometimes referred to as Value) are the results of the investments made by organisations in projects and programmes. Identifying and quantifying benefits is needed to help identify the return of investment (ROI) to ensure the right projects are approved. Measuring, tracking and realising the delivery of those benefits helps ensure the organisation gets the most from a portfolio’s programme and project outputs and thereby achieves the organisation’s objectives.

Nonsuch Consultants can stand up a Benefits Management framework for your organisation, ensuring it slots into any of your pre-existing processes. We can refresh Business Case templates to ensure they are compliant with this framework. We also deliver training, outsourced Business Case writing and consulting services including reviewing and quality assuring existing Business Cases.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management is the art of managing the entire collection (or Portfolio) of programmes and projects to ensure the organisation’s strategy is successfully achieved.

We work with Leadership Teams to help them set up their portfolio management governance structures, their framework and methodology. We then help organisations ensure they have the right projects, programmes and BAU activities in their portfolio. We support the organisation in ongoing Portfolio Optimisation to make sure they continue to make decisions that best drive strategy. As part of Portfolio Management we also include an understanding of Portfolio Risk Management – what are the risks of doing and not doing certain activities.

PMO Set-ups

A well established and managed Project Office will lead an organisation to ensure projects are being consistently delivered in a successful manner, i.e delivering the right projects in the right way, that are tailored to the business’ strategic drivers and values.

Nonsuch are well practiced in setting up/reviewing current Project Office, Programme and Portfolio Offices. We will complete a Maturity Assessment, then work with you to mobilise/optimise your Project Office. This may involve enhancing your tools, providing templates, mentors and people in whichever combination suits your needs.

See our white paper PMO PgMo or EPO – Selecting the Best Option, and Project Offices – What are they and does my organisation need one?

See PMO as a Service 

Business Cases

A business case provides justification for undertaking a project. It evaluates the benefits, costs and risks of alternative options and presents the rationale for the preferred solution. Its purpose is to obtain management commitment and approval for the investment or funding.

Nonsuch can help organisations improve their Business Case templates and can deliver training on completing and reviewing Business Cases. We provide outsourced Business Case writing and consulting services including reviewing and quality assuring existing Business Cases.

Youssef Mourra is a member of the panel working to improve the Better Business Case for the New Zealand Treasury.


Governance (the WHAT) is the strategic task of setting the project’s goals, direction, limitations and accountability frameworks​. Management (the HOW) is the allocation of resources and overseeing the day-to-day operations of the project. Successful organisations and projects understand this difference.

At Nonsuch we train, mentor and coach portfolio, programme and project governors to be effective in their roles. This may be through one-on-one mentoring sessions or training for Steering Groups. We may also attend governance meetings to provide feedback and insight into what’s working and what’s not.

P3M Maturity Assessments

A P3M (Project, Programme, Portfolio) maturity assessment helps an organisation understand where they are now in their P3M journey, and develop a roadmap to get them where they want to be.

At Nonsuch our maturity assessments focus on: Strategic Management, Portfolio Management, Programme Management, Project Management, PMO and Organisational Commitment. We provide current state and target state analysis and work with you to develop your maturity roadmap.