People & Capability


Nonsuch can develop and deliver any training in the P3M space that you require.

We have a variety of diary friendly shorter training courses focused on building capability in project, programme and portfolio management. These include Risk Management, Stakeholder Management, Dependency Management, Quality Management, Planning & Scheduling and Issue Management, Sponsorship & Governance. There are other short courses related to daily task management, running effective meetings and negotiation.

We can also tailor longer sessions to your requirements. For more about our shorter training courses see here. For more about tool-based training (MS Project & Project Online) see here.

Capability Frameworks

Nonsuch’s capability framework is designed to raise capability by identifying the competencies required across the P3M3 space and identifying the appropriate development requirements to fill competency gaps. The framework can be tailored to the organisation and the roles within it.

Our framework includes an Organisational Competency Matrix, specific Role Capability Matrices, the development required for each role and the ways they could achieve that development and a suggested timeline for each role.

Coaching & Mentoring

Nonsuch can provide mentors who work closely with your senior management team, project managers and project personnel to build portfolio and project management competency while ensuring the successful execution of projects.

Our mentors actively participate in projects to ensure standards are being adopted and help provide a comfortable transition when deploying new processes, practices, and templates. This type of personalised knowledge transfer from experienced resources encourages the development of competencies more easily gained through example, guided learning, and hands-on practice.

Nonsuch can also provide Coaching services – as key tasks are performed in the project environment in real time. At the end of each meeting/activity/task, we debrief the coached and provide feedback on aspects of the performance that could be improved and provide support where required.