Frameworks & Methods

Project Management

From inception to completion, we have the ability to assist and guide you through all stages of projects.
Short or long term, we can provide assistance with:

  • Project Management Frameworks and Methodologies tailored to your requirements
  • Management of strategic, critical initiatives
  • Assistance in recovering troubled projects
  • Interim project leadership – taking charge, running for the required duration and then transitioning back when the team is ready.

In addition we can provide Project Manager mentors who work closely with your project managers and project personnel to build project management competency while ensuring the successful execution of projects.

Programme Management

A programme is a mid-term or long-term (in length) flexible organisation created to coordinate, direct and oversee the implementation of a set of related projects and activities in order to deliver outcomes and benefits related to strategic objectives.​ A programme integrates projects to deliver an outcome greater than the sum of its parts.

Our consultants can help your organisation focus on the big picture, drive better overall outcomes and have the confidence your programmes are under control. Our services range from providing programme management and mobilising programme management offices, to navigating risks and challenges, capturing and realising opportunities, building the right culture and capabilities, and negotiating the inevitable trade-offs inherent in programmes. By taking a broad view and understanding of what drives success for your organisation, we can help define the right programme strategies, provide leadership and establish tailored programme controls. We look ahead, assess and support how the programme needs to evolve over time to deliver benefits among changes in scope, risk and opportunity.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management is an ongoing process of prioritising and aligning the portfolio of active projects and programmes to the organisation’s strategic goals and objectives, ultimately deciding what the ‘right’ projects are for the business. It includes identifying, prioritising, authorising, managing and controlling projects, programmes and other related work to achieve specific strategic business objectives. This process helps ensure that project spend is aligned with its strategic objectives. A well-established, resourced, planned and managed project portfolio minimises risk and provides the foundation for the successful achievement of strategic objectives.

Nonsuch helps organisations set up the right frameworks, structures, methodologies and processes to do portfolio management right.

Assurance Frameworks

A robust Project Assurance Framework can provide organisations with the confidence that their projects and programmes can deliver to time, budget, scope and quality criteria. Project Reviews help all members of the project community to manage risk and to improve delivery confidence.

Nonsuch can help put in place overarching assurance frameworks or assist organisations in completing reviews of specific projects or programmes. Our team is proficient at providing detailed, factual and impartial analysis to help ensure your projects and organisation are on the right track.

Capacity Planning

Capacity Planning and Resource Management is about the acquisition and deployment of the internal and external resources required to successfully deliver the organisation’s projects, programmes or portfolios. People are the most valuable resources in our projects.

Nonsuch are experienced in tailoring our resourcing framework to enable our clients to effectively organise, manage and lead project teams. We have solutions to the ‘shared resource’ conundrum to effectively deal with resource conflicts between projects.

Benefits Management

Benefits (sometimes referred to as Value) are the results of the investments made by organisations in projects and programmes. Identifying and quantifying benefits is needed to help identify the return of investment (ROI) to ensure the right projects are approved. Measuring, tracking and realising the delivery of those benefits helps ensure the organisation gets the most from a portfolio’s programme and project outputs and thereby achieves the organisation’s objectives.

Nonsuch Consultants can stand up a Benefits Management framework for your organisation, ensuring it slots into any of your pre-existing processes. We can refresh Business Case templates to ensure they are compliant with this framework. We also deliver training, outsourced Business Case writing and consulting services including reviewing and quality assuring existing Business Cases.

Risk Management

Risk Management is becoming an important business technique and control tool used by leaders of organisations as a part of the strategic and corporate governance landscape.

At Nonsuch we support our clients across all levels of P3M risk management: project, programme and portfolio. Portfolio Risk Management, for example, is an attempt to look at risks that affect the entire collection of projects as a single entity, a portfolio, rather than as individual projects.

Portfolio Risk Management is by its very nature a notoriously complex process and is very different from Programme and/or Project Risk Management. We tailor our risk solutions to our customers requirements and key focus areas.

Change Management

Change may be the result of a project, programme or other organisational decision and can impact processes, technologies or organisational structure. Regardless of how the change has come about or the type of change, it is the people impacted by this change that will determine how quickly and how effectively the change achieves its outcomes and ultimately realises benefits for the organisation. Change Management is the key to enabling your people to embrace, adopt and embed a change.

At Nonsuch we have trained Prosci® Change Managers who can provide full change management support for your change or work with you to build your own change capability within the organisation.