Our Training Team

Paul Sutton

Principal Training Consultant

Paul works with a wide range of people and organisations with training, coaching, consulting and hands-on delivery. Paul combines an in-depth process knowledge with 30 years of pragmatic hands-on experience in all of these areas.

He is an excellent communicator and a dynamic and engaging presenter. As a result, he is able to give practical application to a huge range of questions and scenarios.

Youssef Mourra

Principal P3M Consultant

Youssef is a top of the line  Trainer and Presenter who has delivered hundreds of training courses around the world on a wide variety of topics. He delivers sessions to all groups within an organisation and works in all sectors. 

He has developed a great reputation for training and presenting material in a manner that many people find engaging and occasionally entertaining.

Heather Stallmach

Principal Consultant

Heather is an experienced trainer with a strong coaching background. She has worked across multiple sectors including finance, local government, iwi organisations, health, science and agriculture.  She uses her extensive training development and delivery skills to ensure trainees are continually engaged and learn tools and tips to help them deliver their projects more successfully. 

Lesley Browne

Senior Trainer

Lesley is our scheduling and planning expert and trainer. Lesley has worked extensively in the government sector in Wellington, supporting scheduling for multi-year projects and programmes. Her training experience covers our PM 101 course, as well as more detailed scheduling courses. 

Fiona Wilson


Fiona is an experienced and skilled communicator, can engage with a wide range of audiences and adapt her message and delivery accordingly. She has prior experience working as a trainer in the health sector and is now transferring these skills to the PPM space. 

Gemma Paton

Training Operations Lead

Gemma is an experience administrator and has worked across multiple sectors including education, agriculture, viticulture and oil and gas. She manages our training courses and is the person to talk to if you’re interested in booking one of our courses or arranging a course tailored to your team.